Satan Made Me Do It #34 [+tracklist]


SATAN MADE ME DO IT is officially part of the GIMME RADIO family (check us out at but it always feel good to do these “independent shows” every once and a while. WE CRAVE THE ATTENTION! And we get to be even crazier, both with the music and with the mixer controls. You’ll see what we mean when you listen to this: lots of leftfield madness on top of the extreme metal you all know and love. We feel pretty good about this show!

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Episode 2 – The Black Dog Runs At Night

Episode 2 – The Black Dog Runs At Night (right click to download)

This is where we start to separate the men (and girls with great attitude) from the boys. The first episode was hard but this one is plain evil. Don’t get fooled by the ground zero, doomy beginning. It will weigh like a planet on your shoulders, sure, but what follows is nothing less than demonic. We mean, really scary. Maybe you’ll want to leave the lights on for this one.

We’re proud of it, but we’ll only ask you two things. Play it LOUD. And share it with your friends, especially the gutless ones.

See you on March 31st for more. Watch your backs.

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

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