Episode 50 – Royal Feast

Episode 50 – Royal Feast (right click to download)

For number 50 we went for both the obvious and the obscure. After all, we got big reasons to celebrate. Might as well invite as many as we can to the party. And guess what, even Thailand got in!

We go through a whole bunch of stuff to keep the fire going: heavy, proto-heavy, thrash, doom, funk (!), a bit of space rock too. Thing is, It’s not yet time to blow the candles. There’s plenty more ravaging left in us.

Here’s to 500 more episodes!

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Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #6 [+tracklist]

Goodness, what an episode! Eurotrash extravaganza, angry hardcore, blackened everything, albums spent 22 years in the making, psychedelia memorabilia, sweet country, crippling allergies, embarrassing confessions, all at the MIGHTY RADIO QUÂNTICA!

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