Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #8 [+tracklist]

You are not prepared. Shit, we weren’t either. The metal here hits an all time high in both viciousness and adorability. We go full cult, uncover pup metal, hit the streets and take out the thrash – it’s adorbs, really. There are covers aplenty, and supreme speediness. God saves the queen. Satan Made Me Do It handles the rest. All on Rádio Quântica.

— http://www.radioquantica.com/

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Episode 50 – Royal Feast

Episode 50 – Royal Feast (right click to download)

For number 50 we went for both the obvious and the obscure. After all, we got big reasons to celebrate. Might as well invite as many as we can to the party. And guess what, even Thailand got in!

We go through a whole bunch of stuff to keep the fire going: heavy, proto-heavy, thrash, doom, funk (!), a bit of space rock too. Thing is, It’s not yet time to blow the candles. There’s plenty more ravaging left in us.

Here’s to 500 more episodes!

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Episode 48 – The Dark Stuff

Episode 48 – The Dark Stuff (right click to download)

Sometimes things just don’t go as expected. It happens. Take this show, for instance. We started with a nice punk track, then proceeded with metal, of course, of the grindcore/death metal kind. Underground stuff. When SUDDENLY things went batshit and we ended up with a pile up of hardcore, bottom-of-the-pit demos whose existence most people would never know of. Good news: it’s all cool stuff. Bad news: if you like your metal nice and polished, FORGET THAT. This beast of an episode will put your cvltness to the test. Proceed with caution.

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Episode 18 – Tales Of The Macabre

Episode 18 – Tales Of The Macabre (right click to download)

We’ve never done a thrash heavy SATAN MADE ME DO IT episode, believe it or not. It’s fucking crazy now that we think about it, since it’s well documented how thrash is metal’s core genre. Sure, there’s plenty of it in most of our episodes, but looking back at it we still feel we lack a more thrash oriented 45 minute tracklist. That has to do with the fact that we like to keep things freestyle, but also with our special knack for black and death flavors.

An amateur’s mistake, we’re afraid to say, but one we promptly fix with this TALES OF THE MACABRE episode (a reference to the Slaughter track of course). STILL! This is us. There’s some other stuff thrown in there for good measure. Some death, some heavy. It’s all good fun.

We tried to be as less obvious as possible while still throwing a bone or four your way just so it’s not all name dropping.

Your duty, as always, is to PLAY IT LOUD! The rest will naturally fall into place. SHOW NO MERCY!

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Episode 6 – The Devil Rides Out

Episode 6 – The Devil Rides Out (right click to download)

Well, nobody can accuse us of not being Metal enough. Last episode we had nails all over, now we have Hammers, Axes and even Bulldozers. Ready to drill and maim, YEAH!

Behind all the mentioned utilities is a set of quite diverse songs which runs heavier and atmospheric styles such as Doom and Black, more energetic crusty tracks and even manages to revisit some much-loved classics.

We’re keeping this intro short because there’s no time to lose. Press “play” and PLAY IT LOUD! More terrifying stuff is crawling from beyond the grave on May 27th.

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