Episode 20 – Don’t Deliver Us From Evil

Episode 20 – Don’t Deliver Us From Evil (right click to download)

It all comes down to a matter of temperature, doesn’t it? In the last episode we ventured through a different kind of metal, colder and machinelike in nature. It was tremendous. But this time, as the leaves start dying and the rain pours outside, we feel the need to return to a warmer and more organic brand of metal, the kind of metal that makes you feel fuzzy inside. Or maybe it’s the rum talking. For that purpose, nothing better than going back to the roots. This one is mainly NWOBHM and early doom inspired.

So fall down to your knees and beg:

Our Father in hell,
Damned be your name.
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth, as it is in hell.
And lead us into temptation,
And never deliver us from evil.


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Episode 19 – Metal On Metal

Episode 19 – Metal On Metal (right click to download)

There’s basically no Metal on this episode.

There, we said it. There’s even a little clubbing thing going around. EBM stuff. Noise rock. Yeah, we can almost hear you: these guys are selling out! What about the “no plastic, no triggers” statement stuff? Yeah, we’re selling out. We don’t have anything to sell, or anyone to sell it to, but nevertheless we’re selling it. Because this is the way of the new world we’re living in, and selling out is the new keeping it real. And you will buy it.

You may be shocked. And you should be. Because this little baby is a real monster. The way we did it was simple. We were flying to Madrid, listening to “Metal on Metal”. Not the Anvil song. The one by Kraftwerk. Boring flight, nothing to do… And we wondered: what would happen if we started the next episode with this great song?

That’s how this is gonna roll. Kraftwerk will start playing within your ears. It will sound strange and perverted. And then something fucked up and evil will happen. And then… you’re just going to have to listen to it, won’t you? We can just promise you: in the end, everything will make sense, and you will just hit replay.


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