High, Low and In Between #2 – Hadez (PER) | Guerreros de la muerte, 1988

[We are back with the main-event metal shows that distinguish SATAN MADE ME DO IT, but that’s not all we’re doing. While preparing our comeback, we tried our hand at music reviews and are not just about to stop. We are an organization (.org) after all. We got HR, Marketing, Talent Relations and are excited to announce a brand new division: an Editorial Team. SATAN MADE ME DO IT’s commitment to forward thinking, in spite of our destructive nature, will hopefully keep us on the path of growth and enable us to exploit other operational synergies.

We go for old and new releases, hi-fi, lo-fi and everything in between and the only rule is that it’s got to be METAL!]

Hadez (PER) | Guerreros de la muerte [Demo], 1988

hadez 1988 demo

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Satan Made Me Do It #32 [+tracklist]

We are both Tranquilos™ and Fucking Crazy™. Spectacularly homeless and yet optimistic. There’s a sour taste in our mouths. Blackened notes, with a tint of red (wine). We are Satan Made Me Do It and we are back with a main-event calibre show worthy of the noblest ziggurats. What we got here is 80 minutes of delightful darkness come alive through the power of our resolve and an overly complicated home setup put together to inflict pain and mess with our poisoned heads.

Rough around the edges, as always, and as always a product of our fondness for a noisy way of life.

Still here and still louder than y’all. We shall return…..

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