NOV 20, 2015

SATAN MADE ME DO IT || BAD GUYS (uk / Riot Season)

Bad Guys

Bad Guys

SATAN MADE ME DO IT has very special news to share with all its listeners: SATAN MADE ME DO IT live events.

That’s right! We’ve had the oportunity to spin records live in the past. This is different. This is the next step in the evolution of SATAN MADE ME DO IT.

Thanks to the kind people of MUSICBOX LISBOA (one of the prime places in Lisbon for artistic discovery in the field of music) SATAN MADE ME DO IT will, from time to time, put together an event where we will bring to Portugal some of the coolest, most promising and/or most influencing metal and punk acts in the world. We’ll also be spinning records and if you’re fan already you can imagine how crazy things will get.

Our very first guests are Bad Guys from the UK. Their name may seem like a cliché, but these hombres don’t mess around when it comes to living loud and living heavy. Meanwhile, they also have already granted a night to remember to a whole lot of people. We’re talking about Rock’n’roll of extreme toughness, the likes of which speakers usually have little love for. And that’s how it should be. Like Thor put it: Only the strong shall live / Only the strong can give / Only we can stay alive / Only the strong shall survive!

You can find more details in the event below and are more than welcome to join in on the fun. Bring your friends along and enjoy the noise. Satan wills it!


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