Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #31 [+tracklist]

Ever felt so good it made you SICK? We’re talking inclined towards decisive detestation here. Figured it wasn’t possible, but – HEY! – we were mistaken.

Our cauldron remains good and greasy, the spell is bitterer than before and there is good reason to believe the KABOOM will keep getting bigger and bigger. Moldy death metal epics, satanic certainties, caveman noise amplified, doom & gloom and Portuguese relics (Conjunto Típico Torreense Cult).

— http://www.radioquantica.com/

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Episode 6 – The Devil Rides Out

Episode 6 – The Devil Rides Out (right click to download)

Well, nobody can accuse us of not being Metal enough. Last episode we had nails all over, now we have Hammers, Axes and even Bulldozers. Ready to drill and maim, YEAH!

Behind all the mentioned utilities is a set of quite diverse songs which runs heavier and atmospheric styles such as Doom and Black, more energetic crusty tracks and even manages to revisit some much-loved classics.

We’re keeping this intro short because there’s no time to lose. Press “play” and PLAY IT LOUD! More terrifying stuff is crawling from beyond the grave on May 27th.

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

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