Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #31 [+tracklist]

Ever felt so good it made you SICK? We’re talking inclined towards decisive detestation here. Figured it wasn’t possible, but – HEY! – we were mistaken.

Our cauldron remains good and greasy, the spell is bitterer than before and there is good reason to believe the KABOOM will keep getting bigger and bigger. Moldy death metal epics, satanic certainties, caveman noise amplified, doom & gloom and Portuguese relics (Conjunto Típico Torreense Cult).

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Episode 39 – Drama Kings

Episode 39 – Drama Kings (right click to download)

We hope you like drama in your music, cause this is gonna move you to tears. Don’t be a wimp now! SATAN MADE ME DO IT didn’t just go soft on you; expect no tacky ballads, ever. You can write that down too.

What we attempted here was teaming up a bunch of very intense and dramatic heavy metal flavored tunes in order to uncover the feelings inside all you heartless bastards.

Every time you bang your head a kitty dies. Stop it, ok?

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

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