Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #31 [+tracklist]

Ever felt so good it made you SICK? We’re talking inclined towards decisive detestation here. Figured it wasn’t possible, but – HEY! – we were mistaken.

Our cauldron remains good and greasy, the spell is bitterer than before and there is good reason to believe the KABOOM will keep getting bigger and bigger. Moldy death metal epics, satanic certainties, caveman noise amplified, doom & gloom and Portuguese relics (Conjunto Típico Torreense Cult).

— http://www.radioquantica.com/

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Episode 14 – Eternal Summer

Episode 14 – Eternal Summer (right click to download)

Do you like it hot and steamy? Nonsense, of course you do! The songs we went with for this new SATAN MADE ME DO IT episode have one thing in common: warmness. So instead of reverb heavy thin guitar sounds and overall chilly Nordic black metal tracks expect songs so hot they’ll make you sweat like a hairy man in a sauna. That means this is generally a very freestyle episode. There’s thrash as you might have expected, but there’s also proto-metal, heavy metal, power metal and some blackened tunes.

Anything goes! Take you shirt off. Your pants too if you so wish. With SATAN MADE ME DO IT hell will never freeze over.

PLAY IT LOUD, beachgoers and party throwers! Another metalström is scheduled for September 19th.

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