Satan Made Me Do It #34 [+tracklist]


SATAN MADE ME DO IT is officially part of the GIMME RADIO family (check us out at but it always feel good to do these “independent shows” every once and a while. WE CRAVE THE ATTENTION! And we get to be even crazier, both with the music and with the mixer controls. You’ll see what we mean when you listen to this: lots of leftfield madness on top of the extreme metal you all know and love. We feel pretty good about this show!

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Satan Made Me Do It #34

Satan Made Me Do It #34 –

  1. Stone Vengeance Blues | Stone Vengeance (USA) | The Angel, 2000
  2. REV Dub 1 | Vector Command (USA) | System 3 (2018)
  3. The West Has Failed | The Body (USA) | I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer (2018)
  4. Guerra de Castas | Xulub Mitnal (MEX) | Ba’ate’il, 2010
  5. Satan My Master | Bathory (SWE) | Jubileum Volume III [Compilation], 1998
  6. A Fine Day To Die | Emperor (NOR) | In the Nightside Eclipse, 1994
  7. Prayer in Eclipse| Profanatica (USA) | Altar of the Virgin Whore [EP], 2018
  8. The Subliminal Lock – A Precursor to Vengeance | Howls of Ebb (USA) | Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows, 2016
  9. Dr. Horse | Part Chimp (UK) | Cheap Thriller, 2018
  10. Blutsabbat | Häxenzijrkell (GER) | LVTHN / Häxenzijrkell [split], 2019
  11. In Deamones Imperium | Xibalba Itzaes (MEX) | Ah Dzam Poop Ek, 1994
  12. Windless | Insect Ark (USA) | Marrow Hymns, 2018

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