Satan Made Me Do It #34 [+tracklist]


SATAN MADE ME DO IT is officially part of the GIMME RADIO family (check us out at but it always feel good to do these “independent shows” every once and a while. WE CRAVE THE ATTENTION! And we get to be even crazier, both with the music and with the mixer controls. You’ll see what we mean when you listen to this: lots of leftfield madness on top of the extreme metal you all know and love. We feel pretty good about this show!

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Episode 53 – Veneno Carrascão

It hasn’t been easy lately. Two whole months have gone by since our last apparition. We’re like a cheap bottle of red wine left open and slowly going bad. Motherfucker.

It’s ok, it’s ok. Things are looking better now. And although you have to wait a bit more for our next two-hour-long Radio Quântica episode, we’re making sure you have some company for the coming weeks. It’s not exactly the friendliest bed in town, but maybe you’ll like it.

Let go. Taste the poison.

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