Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #7 x MAREK STEVEN (Live Evil / Amulet) [+tracklist]

Here’s one for the ages. Satan Made Me Do It is joined by most honorable guest Marek Steven of Live Evil festival and Amulet fame. Hour two is all his. Hope you all have a blast with Marek’s set. We surely did. There’s underplayed classic material, cult metal, old favorites – all essential tracks. Rádio Quântica was never this much metal.

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Episode 45 – Fitzcarraldo

Episode 45 – Fitzcarraldo (right click to download)

It’s a DJ’s cliché to say your set sounds like a “journey”, but fuck it, that’s exactly what SATAN MADE ME DO IT tries to achieve a lot of times. This episode is, we think, a fine example. It starts really slow, moody and easy, then building up, song after song, to a level of intensity that will reach its peak in the end and hopefully leave you feeling challenged. Dont’ take it too seriously, though.
We came up with this “climbing progression” when thinking about “Fitzcarraldo”, Werner Herzog’s movie from 1982 where the mad German director carried a 300 ton steamship over a hill in the Amazon. The movie production was almost “Apocalypse Now” stuff of legend. Go watch it.

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