Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #20 [+tracklist]

Stress just doesn’t get to us. This show happened mere days before our dj set at Santa Maria Summer Fest, in Beja, but we came prepared to deliver to goods on both fronts. On this episode, hour UNO kicked so much ass that it interfered with the very cables on the studio in Radio Quântica. Great new Mefisto track, Power Trip, Arkona, Cruel Force, just *UGH!*

It got so maddening there for a second that the damn equipment started frying our selection by the end of hour two… Sorry about that!

Metal will be the end of us and till the end we’ll proclaim: ‘tis but a scratch!

— http://www.radioquantica.com/

Click for the complete tracklist.

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Episode 43 – Bad Guys Special

Episode 43 – Bad Guy Special (right click to download)

Hello friends! Nice of you to join us. How ya feelin’?

Allright, the time has come to shake things up a bit. We’ve brought some company for today’s episode: Bad Guys. Not just any bad guys. The Bad Guys, from London, England. They will pay us a visit real soon. Like, next month soon. November 20th. This little page will tell you all about it.

Now, we may be bastards, but we are a grateful bunch of bastards. Ask and you shall receive, they said. Thus this episode came to be.

Bad Guys sent us 4 tracks (one for each bad dude) from bands that influenced their sound in one way or another. They also sent us some commentary. It’s all audio and integrated on the episode. You’ve heard of radio? It’s like that, only cooler cause we can do whatever the fuck we want. And we did.

So besides having these modern day warriors choose some songs, we got some tracks of our own in there. Shit got wild. Wild west wild. Fuckin town sheriff would run for his dear ol’life if such a podcast would come charging in.

Wait, what’s that in the distance?

Hide the children. This ain’t a Halloween Special. It’s a Bad Guys Special. Fuck you!

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

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