Episode 52 – Out Of The Basement

We guess you all know we’ve been doing a monthly show for Radio Quântica. Well, our initial plan was to continue with our 45 minute episodes. We thought it would be no big deal. Plenty of music out there, no talk needed. We’ve done 51 of those. And we absolutely enjoy them. The flow, the mood, it’s a completely different beast. Well, the fact is when all is said and done, we just don’t have enough time to keep doing it on a regular basis. So each one is feels more like a “special”.

This is episode 52. It’s basically a collection of some of the songs we’ve been putting off, waiting for a good opportunity to play them on the radio show. Well, after a while they become like one of those tasks on your “to do” list that lie at the bottom of the stack and never get done. We wanted to do them justice. Get them out of the basement. So take this episode as some sort of compilation of B-sides from our main show at Rádio Quântica.

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Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #16 [+tracklist]

Kinda at a loss for words here. Not that we don’t have anything to say; we’d just rather use our fists. That pretty much sums up this here spectacle of fast pedaling and hard hitting music – one of our all-time favorites, mind you.

Probably the most freestyle slash of satanic audio we ever put together. And you know what? If that’s wrong, we sure as hell don’t want to be right.

Punch away.

— http://www.radioquantica.com/

Click for the complete tracklist.

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Episode 24 – Full Throttle

Episode 24 – Full Throttle (right click to download)

We can’t stand for painless, tamed, sugary or trouble-free music for much too long, so here we are, back with a stronger drive than ever – just as promised. This one is mostly Death and Black and will sound like a rusty metal amalgam crushing on a thick flesh wall. DEATH IS FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF SOUND! Only counts if your ears bleed!

We will back on Friday the 13th, no less! SUPPORT SATAN MADE ME DO IT: SPREAD THE DISEASE!

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