Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #24 [+tracklist]

We are now balls deep in our second anniversary of Radio Quântica shows. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to US!! From this high up we gotta say: it’s one wondrous sight to behold. Also, we basically just came from a live set in Portugal’s most prestigious nightclub for music discovery, Lux Frágil. Some people stuck with us ‘till the very end, bless them, even as we obliterated both hell and high water with the likes of Demdike Stare, fuckin’ SLAUGHTER and Leviathan.

Things started as rocky as a mountain on this show thanks be to all things digital catching us by surprise, but it didn’t take much for a COMEBACK FOR THE AGES. Again, think Rocky.

ANGEL WITCH aplenty, goth (to live is to die, damn it!), BLACK METAL from heck, great covers and love letters, hentai (What? No.), METAL MANS and a general disinterest for all things gentle. HARSH SATANIC REALITIES UNEARTHED!!

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Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #3 (17/02/2016) [+tracklist]

Once again SATAN MADE ME DO IT comes out of the shadows into quantic luminescent light in a two hour show packed with splendor and dread at www.radioquantica.com. This one is particularly nasty. Lots of black and doom for the hardcore kids. Groins will be hurt.

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Episode 16 – Graves in the Water

Episode 16 – Graves in the Water (right click to download)

Ocean waves may scare you, crashing wildly and loudly into the shore, making you lose your balance, pounding you uncontrollably into the sandy bottom. But as powerful as the roaring waves are, you know that the greatest danger, the scariest violence, the hungriest of deaths, lays down deep below the surface. There’s a sense of menace when you look at the vastness of the deep-sea; it’s what you don’t know, what you can’t predict and control that terrifies the most.

Such is life. There’s nothing more frightening that what lies under the surface, in the abyss, masquerading as the ordinary, lying there under the ripples of everyday life and everyday people. Remember this when listening this week’s episode. And trust us, it’s gonna be much easier on you if you just PLAY IT LOUD!

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