Satan Made Me Do It #35 [+tracklist]

Six years getting maniacs on their knees. We don’t much keep track of notable dates, so it was surprising when mid-recording we realized it would soon would have been six years since we published our first episode. It’s still online, as all the others we figure, in case you’re in the mood for a history lesson (pretty great slash of freestyle madness if you ask us):

The mission has remained the same throughout and that’s very comforting. Seems you can’t place your trust on many things these days, but, hey, you can always count on your friendly Satan Made Me Do It No Good Doers to deliver a metal show you can tell your family about. No fake news here, oh no sir. We’re still the alt-WRONG, the pain the butt, the shit music deniers.

This one: yeah, it’s pretty good! A little live affair in London before Nuno had to carry his corpse to the airport. Nelson stayed put and drenched himself in fancy whiskies like the proper metal soldier he is. All in all, a pretty non-metal hour and 18 something minutes. Except for the all the black, thrash and crossover nonsense. Fuck, you know us by now; we like to get a lot of shit in.

We don’t do these “independent” shows often now. But you can find us every month on Gimme Radio (check us out at

P.S. let’s make some Satan Made Me Do It tshirts for fuck’s sake, its bout time!

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Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #18 [+tracklist]

This one we did with our guns showing and our sleeves pushed-up. All business and all pleasure. Like a couple of worn-out sheriffs looking to start something. After a very important message to our fans we riot with outlaw country, proto affairs, metal-punk, a whole death metal chapter and who knows what else. Almost as if we went on a circle laying waste, door to door, track to track. To hell and back again: a tale of song by SATAN MADE ME DO IT.


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Episode 38 – Strength Is Nothing

Episode 38 – Strength Is Nothing (right click to download)

We know we’ve just done it recently (see Episode 34 – Cross My Heart and Hope to Die), but we’re going for a slower tempo on this one. We just felt the need to, especially after three crazy days spinning records at VAGOS OPEN AIR festival. Hard as nails, those guys. They didn’t care at all for slower tracks or even faster NWOBHM songs. Those critters wanted to be fed on a strictly brutal diet consisting of thrash, death, black metal with just a dash of hardcore on top. Ahah, it was great fun and definitely we want to go back.

But hey, some people mistake speed for aggression and noise for violence. Not true. Music can be pretty vile and grim and dark and heavy when it’s cold, slow or distant too. It’s almost like the old argument: what are scarier, slow zombies, or fast zombies? Meh…

So press play and PLAY IT LOUD. And beware; it can get pretty emotional.

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