Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #27 [+tracklist]

We have done it all and then some. It has been years, damn it! So for this month’s show we reminisce about old times the only way we know… WITH A VENGEANCE !! All the while, trying and successfully sabotaging the other’s selection. Make no mistake: you will have fun, friends. We are just concerned about ourselves here. Help?

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Episode 4 – On Your Knees!

Episode 4 – On Your Knees! (right click to download)

After a trip to the graves of the 60s and 70s we get right back to mining the not-so-delicate precious metals of the 80s and beyond. Not much of a theme on this one, but if you’re a sucker for demo quality stuff and overall raw sound our guess is that you’ll love it.

Initially we wished to dedicate the entire episode to old school death metal, but things started to go down south early on and the end result is pretty much indescribable haha this is all but an elegant episode… which is all the more reason to listen to it LOUD!

Get on your knees and bend before our horny lord!

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