Episode 23 – Looks That Kill

Episode 23 – Looks That Kill (right click to download)

We’ve been pushing the most brutal and dark stuff lately and we’re really proud of our last couple outings, but for this episode we got carried away into something a bit more carefree. To the point where we have doom, punkish stuff, power metal, hard rock, blues and glam all mixed up, with handclaps and cowbell on top for good measure. Yep, it’s a mess. And we don’t care. We’re on party mode here. Take it and use it on your boring car trips or to help you break awkward silences and engage in social intercourse at parties. Like “Hey, did you hear about that tranny song by Scorpions? That was pretty crazy”. 100% guaranteed social skills improvement! Just PLAY IT LOUD!

We’ll be back with our usual fare of violence and destruction on January 30th.

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