Episode 7 – Demon Lover

Episode 7 – Demon Lover (right click to download)

An aching heart. Pretty much everyone knows the feel, but when it strikes us harder it’s as if nobody but us really knows just how it feels. Love truly is a funny thing. It can fill you with butterflies, itch where it tickles the most and blind you silly. And it can beat you to your knees and keep you down for as long as you allow it. This Satan Made Me Do It episode takes you on that special trip where emotions run wild and reason sits on the bench.

There’s something for everybody: a little hope, a little despair, a little peace and a little hell. Alas, when the demon knocks at your door there’s no knowing what’s in store for you.

Listen to this one as one should love: LOUD! We’ll be back, guns blazing, on June 10th.

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

Episode 7 – Demon Lover

We feel sorry for every so called metalhead that can’t appreciate anything that doesn’t have to do with demons fucking women, blood rituals and devouring guts for dinner. Sure, we are picky about how metal should sound – we definitely disapprove of senseless genre fusions and overall fashionable metal trends – but we are fans of music first and foremost. Of all kinds of music. And if you have something against warming up to some Roy Orbison goodness, friend, you came into the wrong neighborhood. You see, this episode is mostly dedicated to that wonderful thing called love (mostly haha). And there’s no way in hell you can do that without good ol’ Roy.

So once you get over the fact that you just heard one of the greatest intros to any track EVER, start gearing up ‘cause there’s some air guitar to play. We have an issue with what power metal has become in the last, what, three decades? It used to be fuck awesome, you know? And this here Warlord song is an absolute classic. It makes us cry just because of how fucking METAL it is. 1984… what a year…

There’s no stopping this train now. Following a song about lost love there could only be one thing: burning. Because if we can’t have her/him, nobody else can! Only thing better than listening to Witchfinder General is looking at their first two album covers featuring babe of yore Joanne Latham.

Long before Pharrell Williams shoved in our face how happy he feels, we had Andrew WK. Andrew is not happy because he is IN LOVE, in the romantic sense (that has no place in proper metal), oh no. We’re talking about sex and booze happy. Now, THAT can make anyone feel like clapping! Don’t believe it? Just ask Lemmy. He wants dirty love all night, all day. And who can blame him? Clap along if you feel happy like Lemmy!

Siouxsie & the Banshees are great. Amazing, actually. But it’s hard for us to miss an opportunity to play anything having to do with Nocturno Culto and Fenriz. We are big fans of tracks with two vocalists in metal (Slaughter, anyone?), and it works like a charm here. The guitar tone also gets us every time. It goes straight to the jugular. Just like love does sometimes. The fun, bestial kind.

Iron Dogs is giving Witchfinder General the business when it comes to sexy covers. Witchfinder General still has the lead in our humble opinion, but these Canadians are just starting things up for the looks of it. This is basically the best metal punk band of today, and just like they say “Genocide never looked so pretty”.

Someone mentioned punk? Well, we have some hardcore love pumping with Black Flag. There is some serious self-loathing, ego implosion going on here. But nothing that Misfits (who only half of SATAN MADE ME DO IT truly enjoy, the other half thinking they’re just a front for corporate punk merchandise) can’t top with “Last Caress”, a nice little pop song filled with shock value and pathos, just like we love.

Let the fun times roll with The Rezillos. We are just having a laugh at this point, but relax; we won’t be laughing for long. And neither will you. Love can be unpredictable. As unpredictable as a SATAN MADE ME DO IT episode. Where else can you hear Pop Punk followed by one of the best Deathrash songs of 2012? We aren’t big fans of their 2014 effort (they cleaned up the sound too fucking much for starters!), but Vampire’s demo is still all kinds of magnificent.

You were not expecting this. C’mon, admit it. It’s one of the more beautiful AND ghostly love songs ever, straight from the 30s and featuring the haunting voice of the great Al Bowlly. And because we don’t want to spoil it, we only slowly get back to proper noise levels thanks to a pretty and brooding track from Boris, featuring Michio Kurihara (of japanese Ghost legendary fame). It’s an eleven minute dirge with a powerful pay-off only starting to show halfway through it. This is the American version. You may also be interested in listening to the Japanese version.

It’s been a long journey. Lots of tracks on this one. We have to thank Sindre Solem (Obliteration, Nekromantheon) for this last song. He shared it on Facebook some time ago and we instantly fell in love. It happens, you know? You go out, have a couple of drinks and everything is fine and dandy until it happens: you’re left awestruck. You fall in love and everything changes. So be safe and ‘till next time!


  1. In Dreams | Roy Orbison (USA) | In Dreams, 1963 http://www.royorbison.com/
  2. Lost and Lonely Days | Warlord (USA) | And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun…, 1984 http://www.warlord-official.com/
  3. Burning a Sinner | Witchfinder General (UK) | Death Penalty, 1982
  4. Make Sex | Andrew WK (USA) | The Wolf, 2003 http://www.andrewwk.com/
  5. Dirty Love | Motörhead (UK) | Ace of Spades (single), 1980 http://imotorhead.com/
  6. Love in a Void (Siouxsie & the Banshees cover) | Darkthrone (NOR) | Too Old Too Cold, 2006 http://www.darkthrone.no/
  7. Cold Bitch | Iron Dogs (CAN) | Cold Bitch, 2012 https://www.facebook.com/IronDogs
  8. I Love You | Black Flag (USA) | My War, 1984 http://blackflagofficial.com/
  9. Last Caress | Misfits (USA) | Beware, 1979 http://www.misfits.com/
  10. I Can’t Stand My Baby | The Rezillos (UK) | I Can’t Stand My Baby, 1977 http://www.rezillos.com/
  11. At Midnight I’ll Possess Your Corpse | Vampire (SWE) | Vampire, 2012 http://vampireofficial.com/
  12. Midnight, The Stars And You | Ray Noble & his Orchestra (UK) | 1934
  13. You Were Holding An Umbrella | Boris with Michio Kurihara (JAP) | Smile, 2008 http://borisheavyrocks.com/
  14. Demon Lover | Lynn Cornell (UK) | Demon Lover, 1960

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