Episode 12 – Horror Maximus

Episode 12 – Horror Maximus (right click to download)

Maybe it’s the heat messing up with our brains. We’re not entirely sure. The truth is we probably cooked up the most un-summerish episode possible for the time of the year (in this part of the world, that is). There’s funeral doom, more adequate for those grim winter nights; there’s necro black metal, which reminds us of anything except a relaxing afternoon at the beach… Things get pretty ugly this time around as you can probably guess by now. We had to honor this episode’s title after all. It’s called Horror Maximus, not Horror “Minimus”!

Get you black hood on, draw some inverted pentagrams and scare the hell out of your neighbors. All in the name of good ol’ Satan!

PLAY IT LOUD! More to come on August 22th.

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

Episode 12 – Horror Maximus

Mordor knows what’s up, which is not easy considering their funeral doom repertoire, a genre well known for its snooze fest attractions. The 1991 demo is of superior quality if nothing because of its atmospheric and tormented sounds (they really picked up the right name for the band here ahah). The problem with “Odes” is that the songs are just way too big and at the time we couldn’t really come up with a cool way to cut one of its tracks. We decided then to choose a song from their second release, “Csejthe”. It’s not as evil sounding and definitely sits a bit more on the experimental side of things, but its unholy charm is undeniable. All hail Swiss metal!

Everybody should know this next one. Darkthrone is no stranger to SATAN MADE ME DO IT episodes and we don’t hesitate in worshiping these Norwegian metal-punksters. We went with a track from “Panzerfaust”, Darkthrone’s most necro album. Notice the fucked up mix ahah the painful vocals (with no effects!) and the evident Celtic Frost inspiration. The lyrics are also reeeally out there. Terrific!

Ok, time to speed things a bit with a little help from our friends at Aura Noir, while keeping one foot firmly standing on Celtic Frost’s territory via Darkthrone. “Priest’s Hellish Fiend” is one hell of a black/thrash riffing ride from their latest release, “Out to Die”. Vile and dirty! And then we speed a bit more with French Canadians Saccage, who seem to get a lot of Toxic Holocaust comparisons – well, that’s no problem in our book, if it means a lot of punk attitude and Motorhead straight-to-the-point galloping behind, like with this particular wanting-to-be-moshed-to-track. Really addictive. And we quite like the raspy growling and menacing shouting from Dan Mecréant. They’ve released a new EP in June that we have yet to listen to. Could be interesting, check it out.

It’s surprising how long it took us to play something from Bathory. We can offer no apology. But it’s probably even more surprising that for their debut on SATAN MADE ME DO IT we went with one of Quorthon’s instrumental intros. This is of course “Revelation of Doom” from the band’s 1985 album. So instead of following it up with “Total Destruction” as we think was expected (and that would be just fine) we changed things up and blasted one of Sodom’s classic punch to the face, kick to the stomach black/speed metal anthems, “Outbreak of Evil”. Check out that messy drum work by the late Chris Witchhunter. Don’t get us wrong! It sounds fucking METAL! Who the hell wants an over qualified drummer anyway?

Just fresh from the oven! “Night Jerks” is both the title for Okkultokrati’s new album (released only a couple of weeks ago) and the song we chose to feature here. What can we say? This is GREAT! Explosive, relentless mix of down-in-the-basement hardcore, crust and proto black metal, all wrapped in fantastic production. We picked this after Obliteration’s recommendation and it’s probably not that much of a coincidence that both bands rhythm sections sound a bit alike? Also, we appreciate this new wave of bands keeping up with their Scandinavian black metal roots but not so much concerned with ideological undercurrents of nationalism or paganism. Okkultokrati is part of this “collective” called the Black Hole Crew. Check out their other mates, like Haust.

Big u-turn here. From Norway to Australia, from pedal-to-the-metal to the frankly depressive black metal of Moon (one man project by this guy Miasmyr). It’s easy to dismiss atmospheric and depressive black metal as, well… boring. But somehow “Caduceus Chalice” makes it. This one track, “Forest Samhain”, is ominous and eerie; it sounds more like frozen tundra than scorching Australian outback. There’s really nothing “innovative” here, but it’s pleasingly compelling. Do give it a chance.

Oh look! Another instrumental intro! Maybe it really is the heat doing a number on us. We guess you’ve heard both these tracks before. Gorgoroth is a classic Norwegian black metal band and although we don’t like all their material, the band’s first three albums are mandatory. And despite its short length (25 mins only) “Antichrist”, the band’s second LP, is our favorite Gorgoroth effort. Frost’s drumming definitely helps us put the matter to rest.

Ah! Didn’t see that coming, did you now? Well, we thought we might as well close on a lighter note and decided to summon metal’s agent provocateur Ghost. Enjoy the glam!


  1. Agony: The Ascent of the Mountain| Mordor (CHE) | Csejthe, 1995 https://www.facebook.com/mordor.swiss
  2. The Hordes of Nebulah | Darkthrone (NOR) | Panzerfaust, 1995 http://www.peaceville.com/darkthrone/
  3. Priest’s Hellish Fiend | Aura Noir (NOR) | Out to Die, 2012 https://www.facebook.com/auranoirofficial
  4. Motörcrust | Saccage (CAN) | Death Crust Satanique, 2012 https://www.facebook.com/saccage
  5. Revelation of Doom | Bathory (SWE) | The Return……, 1985 http://www.bathory.nu/
  6. Outbreak of Evil | Sodom (GER) | In the Sign of Evil, 1984 http://sodomized.info/
  7. Nights Jerks | Okkultokrati (NOR) | Night Jerks, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/okkultokrati
  8. Forest Samhain | Moon (AUS) | Caduceus Chalice, 2010 https://www.facebook.com/moon.gateway
  9. En stram lukt av kristent blod & Bergtrollets hevn| Gorgoroth (NOR) | Antichrist, 1996 http://www.gorgoroth.info/
  10. Prime Mover | Ghost (SWE) | Opus Eponymous, 2010 http://ghost-official.com/

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