Episode 46 – Hot Mess

Episode 46 – Hot Mess (right click to download)

Man, oh man. What a rough labor. This episode should have been released this past Friday, but one of us was just sorta melting and oozing away thanks to food poisoning. It’s a big cause of death in India, we were told. Anyway, you can already imagine why this month’s episode is called Hot Mess… Haha enjoy that mental image.

Of course the original intention was a very different one. That’s why there’s a Lemmy tattoo on the cover there. One of us was graced with it shortly after his passing.

We are just gonna let the music speak for itself. There’s no need to, yet again, enunciate Lemmy’s merits and contributions.

Enjoy and FUCK OFF!

Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

Episode 46 – Hot Mess

There are a lot of familiar faces on this episode and for good reason. A lot of the good ones (most of the good ones!) were inspired by Motörhead. So because of that – well, also because one of us is still in significant abdominal pain – we are going to keep this short.

Warfare’s best album would only appear a year later, but 1985’s “Metal Anarchy” still ranks as one of metal punk’s greatest moments. We went with the title track this time. Quite the anthem.

Motörhead big commercial hit “Ace of Spades” came and went. “Iron Fist” wasn’t near as popular as the 1980 classic and “Another Perfect Day” was the last with the classic line-up. There’s something about the production on this 1983 LP that we both really enjoy. Feels muddier, but not entirely under-produced. Anway, it’s “Back at the Funny Farm”. The way Lemmy attacks that microphone at the start (after the intro of course) is something else.

Toxic Holocaust is one of those solid acts, and in this case “solid” is not euphemism for boring. You don’t reach out to Joel Grind for surprise and revelation, but for good Motörhead, thrash and d-beat influenced headbanging riffs and t-shirt coolness. Talking about surprises, more people should remember/be aware of Rogue Male (they were once considered the next big thing, then became one hit wonder and finally turned totally forgotten). “Crazy Motorcycle” brand of metal+punk is as good a Motörhead song as almost anything Lemmy has written. We shit you not!

“Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing”. Have we ever played anything so obvious? Yeah, well, Motörhead’s “Overkill” in particular explains a lot about the characteristics of Great Britain’s brand of Hardcore Punk, making it one of most important “heavy music” releases of all time. Discharge’s 1982 classic is also more influential than we can grasp, quite honestly, but it owes a lot to Lemmy. We follow that up with Venom’s “Acid Queen” from the “Die Hard” 1983 single.

Inepsy made a career of being incredible at everything they did and Motörhead’s touch was ever present, same thing with Power From Hell, which we also included in this episode. G.I.S.M. was never as clear but there’s no denying the influence exerted by Lemmy and co. We also added Bunker 66 to the mix thanks to their to the point black metal punk offensive. It’s probably the less obvious choice in the episode, but it feels right to us.

Same as with Division Speed. We featured these Teutonic thrashers just two episodes ago, on Black Vomit, but we are so into it we just had to bring’em up again, before heading for more hardcore punk pastures with the legendary Cro-Mags, which, in fact, played a big role in mixing oil and water, ie, punk and thrash (similar to what Motörhead did years before). It’s a shame these guys, along with East Coast hardcore acts from back then like Bad Brains, Agnostic Front and others, were such sickening homophobic pricks. Anyway, one has to be prepared for this kind of shit when looking at mainly straight white man dominated music like metal and punk. These are “Signs Of The Times”, like they say, but at any rate “The Age of Quarrel” is a hugely influential album.

Unknown and in truth not active anymore, Half Girl are another face of the coin. These German feminists are basically known for this “Lemmy, I’m A Feminist” track alone, which probably wouldn’t be featured in a SATAN MADE ME DO IT episode if not for the fact that such an endearing half feminist anthem, half love song to Lemmy is yet another proof that nobody was indifferent to the charisma of the man, no matter your beliefs.

Poison Idea, we featured them before at The Slayer. They released a new album last year, “Confuse and Conquer” (recorded by Joel Grind and released via Southern Lord) and are preparing to tour Europe, but we’re not going there today. Formed in 1980, these guys were hugely influential in the underground back in the day and to more mainstream acts like Nirvana, Pantera, Napalm Death, Machine Head, Eyehategod or Emperor since then, thanks to their pioneering mixed bag of Black Flag, Discharge and Motörhead influences. Makes perfect sense to say good evening to you all with their 1987’s cover of “Motorhead”. See you in hell, Lemmy!

P.S. Shouts to Arthur Voss for the amazing tattoo. Many thanks!


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