Episode 28 – Eyes Without A Face

Episode 28 – Eyes Without A Face (right click to download)

“Beauty, like supreme dominion Is but supported by opinion”.

Ben Franklin was right. Take SATAN MADE ME DO IT: a celebration of the beauty of ugliness. Most people look away in disgust. They sure as hell cover their ears in pain. Not us. “Ugliness is the measure of imperfection”, said HG Wells. Well, we embrace it. We love it. Most of all, we cherish the imperfections. So, is SATAN MADE ME DO IT so far apart from, say, Christianity? The Cross is surely not “beautiful” and Christ was surely not “perfect”.

We said it before: SATAN MADE ME DO IT is a lot like life. Sometimes you have your way, other times you get kicked in the genitals with the strength of a thousand hooves before you can even say “UGH!”. Life is not perfect, life is not conventional and life is ugly. So if you’re into life there’s something right here for you. LIVE IT LOUD! Click for show notes and a complete tracklist.

Episode 28 – Eyes Without A Face

It may shock you that this episode starts with techno/post-punk/industrial, but this is as dark and heavy and metal as it comes, much in the vein of stuff SATAN MADE ME DO IT featured in past episodes. Think The Body feat. Haxan Cloak or Author & Punisher. It’s no wonder, then, we first came across Demdike Stare in 2012 at a London festival along people such as Slayer, Sleep, Melvins or Wolves in the Throne Room. Demdike Stare’s show was one of the most disturbing, scary stuff we saw live (the video projections helped), almost like staring at strobe lights at point blank for an hour. This is thick, oppressing, intoxicating stuff, no matter if it’s synthetic or organic. So, after listening to a DJ friend featuring “Past Majesty” as an intro track in her own podcast (thanks Sonja, we totally ripped you of on this one) we could not avoid returning to that post-apocalyptical impression from the London show and not thinking how perfect Demdike Stare is for SATAN MADE ME DO IT. So much, in fact, that if fits wonderfully with Celtic Frost’s “Dethroned Emperor”, one of their best. Only Tom G Warrior’s brand of experimental metal could follow suit to something as “inappropriate” as Demdike Stare, but we feel the match is as made in hell.

Even since their 2011 demo ZOM sounded like an interesting clash of warm organic sound and chaotic digital hell (a characteristic that sets them apart). Their first LP was one of SMMDI’s most anticipated releases and they didn’t disappoint. If anything, these Irish bastards put out one of 2014’s harsher albums. We have mentioned this quite a few times by now. Black/Death is the hot sexy thing in metal right now – and ZOM might just be at the top of food chain. For this episode we went with “The Depths”. It’s kinda the “hit” song of the album, but we wouldn’t really call it accessible or “easy”. Fuck you and your hooks.

Beyond’s 2011 demo wasn’t as critically acclaimed as ZOM’s. The most obvious reason why is because it just wasn’t as good. That’s what we feel as well, but subsequent listens have shown that there’s enough weirdness here to classify this as “cult” metal – and that’s a good thing. There’s something about the production that is both strange and compelling. No clue how their first LP sounds. We still have to check that out.

Goblin are usually remembered as the guys who did the soundtracks for horror masterpieces “Suspiria”, “Profondo Rosso” (both from Dario Argento) and “George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead”, but they are (well, basically Claudio Simonetti is) so much more amazing than that that it is hard to put into words, so let’s just stay at that. We give you “Witch”, one of the most upsetting themes from “Suspiria”.

We don’t think we featured Iceland before. Maybe our memory is failing us (it’s been a year since SATAN MADE ME DO IT started to get the best metal out there, you know! LOTS of good stuff!), but we think Svartidauði are the first. And what a debut performance! You see, half of SATAN MADE ME DO IT thinks this track in particular is an inescapable black metal sound storm, massive and deep enough to take the air out of your lungs and steal the oxygen away from your brain; while the other half despises the vocal and guitar work and, quote-unquote, the studio gimmickry. We’ll let you decide, but just to keep it safe, we cool things down with Burzum.

“Forgotten Realms” is a digital only release. We can probably call it a single. Varg is shaking up his distribution, putting this and other stuff out for free reproduction on YouTube – along with a bunch of other videos of… questionable quality. He’s been quite active on the Internet ever since he moved to France. Next thing you know he’s streaming himself on Twitch playing RPGs and commenting on how shitty those “The Hobbit” movies were. We can only hope. About the song: it’s quite good! His best work since “Umskiptar”.

Seized, well… Seized is a weird beast and definitely not for all ears (something people write just to get you wet and interested). Air guitar champions will be disappointed to know that these Canadians didn’t have a guitarist, but two bassists. Fucking sludge bands have the most original ideas ever haha anyway, their 1998 compilation will grant you plenty of great moments. This “Flee From Reality” has that interesting pretty melody that actually works there, but don’t forget to listen to “Total Mess” (which contains some of the best doom one of us has ever heard) and “Under the 4th Moon”.


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