Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #21 x MÁRCIO MATOS (Príncipe / Flur / Noisendo) [+tracklist]

You might as well go straight to the second hour. What our guest for this show accomplishes is nothing short of amazing: a black/death metal DJ set. An actual live extreme metal DJ set fresh and invigorating in a way we haven’t listened before.

This is what SATAN MADE ME DO IT is all about. We invited this confrontational visual artist from the Azores, MÁRCIO MATOS, mostly known in the Portuguese underground clubbing for being a founder and visual image creator for Príncipe Discos, hands down the most vital and refreshing dance music label in the country; and the guy behind the counter at Flur, this influential record shop in Lisbon. He’s also heading his own experimental music label, Noisendo (for which he keeps trying to hire black metal acts) and is a revered DJ playing at the clubs that matter.

What people don’t know is that, while coming from electronics and dance music, Márcio Matos is a profound adept of all things black and death metal. The rawest and most aggressive the better. That fucking shows, because he brings his taste and DJ skills and create this mind-blowing hour of screwed up music.

This all makes it even more sorrowful and frankly pitiful that the vast majority of metalheads can’t appreciate listening to metal outside of concerts (we’ll give you that, nothing beats a metal live show) or radio and dj playlists. They can’t get around their heads that maybe listening to a DJ playing metal just to find out about new stuff or listening to the same stuff in a different way is actually a good thing. Well, mates, we can’t help you except by keep doing this.

— http://www.radioquantica.com/

Click for the complete tracklist.

Satan Made Me Do It with MÁRCIO MATOS (Príncipe / Flur / Noisendo) @ Rádio Quântica #21

Satan Made Me Do It #21 –


  1. [Intro]: Metal on Metal | Kraftwerk (GER)| Trans-Europe Express, 1977 http://www.kraftwerk.com/
  2. Throwing Star | Wold (CAN)| Postsocial, 2014 http://wold-klan.blogspot.pt/
  3. It’s What They Call the Clubhouse | Dethscalator (UK)| Racial Golf Courses, No Bitches, 2013 http://dethscalator.com/
  4. Crawling in Vomits | Treblinka (SWE) | Crawling in Vomits [Demo], 1988 https://www.discogs.com/Treblinka-Crawling-In-Vomits/release/3679486
  5. Moon | Mortuary Drape (ITA) | Into the Drape [EP], 1992 https://www.discogs.com/Mortuary-Drape-Into-The-Drape/master/269503
  6. Waiting for the Funeral | Post Mortem (USA)| Coroner’s Office, 1986 http://www.discogs.com/Post-Mortem-Coroners-Office/master/365228
  7. A Necromancer’s Lament | Nachash (NOR)| Conjuring the Red Death Eclipse [EP], 2015 http://nachashband.bandcamp.com/
  8. The Horror from Beyond | ZOM (IRL) | Demo, 2011 https://www.discogs.com/Zom-Demo-MMXI/master/434734
  9. Nucleos of the Evil | Power from Hell (BRA) | The True Metal https://www.discogs.com/Power-From-Hell-The-True-Metal/master/484096
  10. Die by Power | Slaughter Lord (AUS) | Taste of Blood [Demo], 1986 https://www.discogs.com/Slaughter-Lord-Taste-Of-Blood/release/4611957
  11. World Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side) | Revenge (CAN)| Behold.Total.Rejection, 2015 http://revengeofficial.bandcamp.com/
  12. Bring The Noise | Anthrax + Public Enemy (USA) | Attack of the Killer B’s [EP], 1991 http://www.anthrax.com/
  13. Get Up and Die | Mentors (USA) | Mentors a.k.a. Trash Bag [EP], 1982 https://www.discogs.com/Mentors-Mentors/release/4135763
  14. Bring Me the Guts of the Priest | Savage Death (USA) | Mass Genocide [Demo], 1985 https://www.discogs.com/Savage-Death-Crucified-After-The-Genocide/master/573742



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