Satan Made Me Do It #33 [+tracklist]

We got a new home. Satan Made Me Do It is officially part of the GIMME RADIO family. But guess what: we can’t get enough of this shit. A new monthly two-hour-long show is barely able to contain all the BIG METAL we got to offer. That’s why we’re still doing these “independent” episodes every time it feels right.

What we got here is a well-seasoned duo doing whatever the hell they want and still manage to sound incredibly hot. In little over an hour we go from style to style with the fluidity of fucking water! We’ve been doing this for a while now, young’un. Take a dive like the temperature on a winter’s night and grind your teeth for metal’s sake! BIG METAL coming your way!

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smmdi 33 big metal rite

Satan Made Me Do It #33 @ a Big Metal Rite

Satan Made Me Do It #33 –

  1. Star Rider | Hällas (SWE)| Excerpts from a Future Past, 2017
  2. Can’t Seem To Win | Love Gang (USA)| Love Gang EP [EP], 2016
  3. Coiled in Wings | Ved Buens Ende (NOR) | Written in Waters, 1995
  4. Colliding Spheres Bend Solar Years | Khthoniik Cerviiks (GER) | Heptaëdrone [Demo], 2014
  5. Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World) | Senyawa (IDN) | Sujud, 2018
  6. Jewel Throne | Celtic Frost (CH) | To Mega Therion, 1985
  7. Receive the World | Leviathan (USA) | Massive Conspiracy Against All Life, 2008
  8. The Beast Returns | Salute (UK) | Tangorodrim / Salute [Split], 2013
  9. Existence Dissolved | Scorched (USA) | Hymns From The Cellar [demo], 2017
  10. Survival | Succumb (USA) | Succumb, 2017
  11. Exterminate | Obliteration (NOR) | Nekropsalms, 2009

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