Satan Made Me Do It #32 [+tracklist]

We are both Tranquilos™ and Fucking Crazy™. Spectacularly homeless and yet optimistic. There’s a sour taste in our mouths. Blackened notes, with a tint of red (wine). We are Satan Made Me Do It and we are back with a main-event calibre show worthy of the noblest ziggurats. What we got here is 80 minutes of delightful darkness come alive through the power of our resolve and an overly complicated home setup put together to inflict pain and mess with our poisoned heads.

Rough around the edges, as always, and as always a product of our fondness for a noisy way of life.

Still here and still louder than y’all. We shall return…..

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Satan Made Me Do It #32 (06-10-2018) picture

Satan Made Me Do It #32 @ a Great Living Darkness

Satan Made Me Do It #32 –

  1. The Awakening | Ghastly (FIN) | Death Velour, 2018
  2. Human Is Obsolete | Mammoth Grinder (USA) | Cosmic Crypt, 2018
  3. Birth of Disease | Adorior (UK) | Author of Incest, 2005
  4. Wolflust | Angelcorpse (USA) | Wolflust [Single], 1997
  5. Manor of Infinite Forms | Tomb Mold (CAN) | Manor of Infinite Forms, 2018
  6. Dawn of Eschaton | Obscure Burial (FIN) | Obscure Burial, 2017
  7. Reapers Carrion | Vomitor (AUS) | Bleeding the Priest, 2002
  8. Decapitated Saints | Vader (POL) | Necrolust [Demo], 1989
  9. Whispers Through the Aether | Ghastly (FIN) | Death Velour, 2018
  10. Possessed by the Eyes of the Living God | Reptilian (NOR) | Perennial Void Traverse, 2016
  11. Furia y metal | Sobibor (COL) | Furia y metal, 2006
  12. Pressure II | BIB (USA) | Moshpit, 2018
  13. Executioner’s Tax | Power Trip (USA) | Nightmare Logic, 2017
  14. Sin Goddammit | Nattefrost (NOR) | Engangsgrill [Split], 2009
  15. Lifeless | Darkthrone (NOR) | Ravishing Grimness, 1999

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